Developing sexual resilience through deep somatic intimacy.


This profound training provides a safe, calm context for you to release the inherent dynamism your sexuality into your social personality. It is a deepening intimacy with the full specturm of your bio-spiritual nature that allows you to fully embrace both your biological vulnerabilities and your spiritual invulnerability. This generates a deep emotional and behavioural resilience which allows you to live and love with empathy, compassion and generosity. You will be put in touch with your deeper nature through a wide range of somatic practices that will allow you to assimilate and integrate your spirituality and sexuality as the stable foundation of a psychological and social resilience. Neither nudity nor sexual activity are included in any of these practices.

Being fully alive does not depend on knowledge, wealth, possessions but on being authentic in your own nature. To truly flourish as a human being core sexual energy must be flowing freely without repression or indulgence. This requires a deep intimacy with the subtle presence of your body that can allow you to let go of the habits that distort your sexual energy creating difficulties with sensitivity, honesty, openness, intimacy and authenticity. Through movement and stillness, solo and paired, you will be invited to experience, release and harmonise your core sexual energy so that you can live from and within a deep embodied resilience. Open to anyone interested in being fully alive, regardless of prior experience. There will be no sexual activity during this training.

To be human is to be a sexual being. To be socialised in contemporary society is to have your sexuality distorted, repressed or denied. This can only lead to difficulties: of all kinds. This retreat will offer you the opportunity to access, release and assimilate the feelings, desires, impulses and needs of your sexual nature in a safe, supportive space. You will learn many games that you can play, alone and with others. All of these games will allow you to become more relaxed and honest within, playful and authentic about, your sexuality. There will be a strong emphasis on cultivating intimacy and a willingness to feel, rather then refining sexual skills. You will learn how to recognise and honour your own fluctuating boundaries, needs, inclinations and desires, as well as those of others. This will provide you with a deep and palpable sexual resilience within which to express and celebrate the richness of your human nature.

Tantra is so much more than sex. It is a way of being based on intimacy. Not only with others, but with self, world and life also. This workshop will invite you to engage deeply with the needs, vulnerabilities, impulses and desires that arise from your sexual nature. You will be supported in learning how to recognise, acknowldege and assimilate intense internal energies, so you can assimilate and draw strength from them. These include sexual desire, frustration, loneliness, fear and anger. This will allow your needs and desires to be harmoniously integrated within your relationships with others and the world. There will be a focus on learning to allow your sexual nature and needs to express themselves into everyday life without risk. Neither nudity nor sexual activity are included in any of these practices, as we will be exploring the deeper energies upon which satisfying sexual activity depends.

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