Our apprenticeships are a rare opportunity for you to learn the power of life as ongoing self enquiry, or living consciously moment by moment, breath by breath.

Besides living as a member of our community and attending most scheduled classes, you will be given guidance in the practicalities and subtleties of karma yoga by both Godfrey and Olivia who have many years experience cultivating deep self enquiry within a communal context. You will be fully supported in learning the nourishing power of giving and working for the well being of your companions as a direct expression of self enquiry.

During your apprenticeship you will be able to participate in most of the scheduled retreats as a student. You will live and work as a member of our community, and do no more than 6 days karma yoga for each week of your apprenticeship, with at least one free day each week. Your commitment is not to a specified number of hours, but to providing whatever legitimate service is required of your role as a karma yogin in our community. You will be expected, and required, to undertake any karma yoga that the wellbeing of Windfire requires, provided it does not interfere with your ethical principles or religious beliefs, which must be clarified before or during the first apprentice meeting, though preferably beforehand. There are weekly support sessions for apprentices only. Special sessions are available on request.

Our apprenticeships inevitably involve profound and challenging, penetration of your psychological conditioning. You must be prepared to commit yourself to an ongoing process of self enquiry, grounded in and facilitated by your practice, and to a willingness to trust the teachers in their functioning. Being on the Windfire site will be taken as an indication of that trust, which must also be expressed by attending all classes and meditations that do not conflict with your karmayoga schedule, as well as regular feedback sessions with Olivia to refine and develop your understanding and application.

Windfire apprenticeships are for serious students ready to experience the power of living without identification with belief, expectation, assumption, prejudice, preference or any other mental projection. Except in exceptional circumstance, our apprentice programme is only available for those having completed at least two consecutive weeks on retreat with us. This makes it possible for both you and ourselves to be sure that it would be in everyone’s best interest for you to be a windfire apprentice. For more details contact us at