Dynamic Yoga (the Training Method) uses rhythmic repeated movements to prepare the body for genuine stillness in classical yoga postures. It is a complete methodology of somatic self enquiry that comprehensively recalibrates body and mind, action and perception.

Dynamic Yoga is taught in yoga classes, yoga workshops, yoga immersions, yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings throughout the world. The complete training methodology is available annually at Windfire Yoga Retreats where you will be taught by dynamic yoga adepts Godfri and Olivia. Body and mind are totally recalibrated through dynamic vinyasa flows of slow, sensitive movements that integrate body, mind and spirit, while energising and strengthening the body and quietening and calming the mind.

We will teach you to fertilise both movement and stillness with the integrating dynamic of the bandhas in your whole body, so that deep intimacy with breath, body, mind and consciousness becomes effortlessly possible. Deep, systematic sensitivity (ahimsa) to sensation allows the natural alignment of inherent integrity to be generated directly by the intelligence of the body.

No matter your age, experience, flexibility or strength, Dynamic Yoga allows you to access and enjoy the eight limbs (ashtanga) of classical yoga practice by flowing intelligently from movement into deep stillness, and into the meditative mind (citta vrtti nirodha) explored in the The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.