The Somatic Awareness Training of Dynamic Yoga is a progressive process of intimacy and integration. This process is begun by learning to move each part of the body with and as softness. Softness in all the joints and spine generates neuromuscular pathways that allow the inherent intelligence of the body to recalibrate itself towards wholeness. This recalibration is guided by the intelligence of the body without any particular targeting of muscles, body parts nor injuries. As this recalibration deepens the body becomes more and more able to function as a single whole. Within this wholeness each part of the body is supporting and being supported by every other part: each active part expressing the harmonic of effortless effort.

As the intelligence of the body becomes more easily able to express itself mind begins to let go of its need to determine and control. Eventually this need is fully relinquished as mind becomes grounded in the intelligence of consciousness. Then mind, body and consciousness are able to function as a dynamic singularity. This integration of body, mind and spirit invites a seamless integration with life as it actually is, within which a deep trust in what is weakens the sense of separation, isolation and their vulnerability.