The Dynamic Yoga Training Method constitutes a progressive process of intimacy and integration, at the heart of which is the Singular Dynamic of the Bandhas. This process is begun by applying the Dynamics of Integrity, by way of the Seven Universal Actions of Yoga Posture Praxis, to movement and action so that each part of the body becomes able to support all the others in Functional Integrity. The Spiral Dynamic of Integrity is then used to calibrate, refine and integrate the Seven Actions so that Functional Integrity begins to generate Structural Integrity, or the Bandhas in the whole body, in the habituated relationships between the body parts.

As the Bandhas become more deeply established they necessarily generate Energetic Integration, as Sarvangabandha, within which the active frequencies of each part of the body are synchronised, through action, into a dynamic, resonant singularity which directly expresses the inherent integrity of the bodimind, and the indivisibility of wholeness. Due to the intelligent nature of the bodimind, and its intrinsic impulse towards wholeness, this happens without any need for struggle once sensation is made the compass of yoga posture praxis.

As the inherent integrity of the body becomes more easily able to express itself mind can let go of its need to determine and control, and becomes able to learn to trust deeply, not only from and in the intelligence of the body, but from and in the intelligence of consciousness also. In this way integration of body, mind and spirit invites a deeper integration with life as it actually is, within which a total trust in what is actually happening weakens the habituated sense of separation, isolation and vulnerability.