Ongoing training in the art of teaching yoga dynamically is available for all trained and trainee yoga teachers, from any school.

teacher training events foussing on specific aspect of teaching yoga somatically. These workshops are based around praxis, which is then explored to reveal the art of progressive development and instruction (vinyasakrama). They are suitable for any trained or trainee yoga teacher of any style, and present yoga posture praxis as somatic self enquiry, rather than esotericised exercise. For dates and locations.

The ten Dynamic Yoga Immersion Modules constitute a profound, practical training in yoga. The first seven provide a sound basis for developing a refined and potent yoga posture praxis based directly on the intelligence of the body. Each module is complete in itself and can be attended individually as an opportunity to deepen your understanding and practice. Together they constitute a comprehensive grounding in yoga posture praxis based entirely on action and experience. The first five modules constutute the first part of a 500 hour Teacher Training. Others can be used towards more comprehensive Teacher Training. For dates and locations.

Trained Yoga Teachers from any school are invited to clarify and refine their skills annually on the three Teachers’ Refresher Courses. They can be taken individually or combined. The first course presents the basic necessities for teaching yoga dynamically: ullola, the Dynamic of Integrity and the seven universal actions. The scond course presents a safe, accessible and progressive sequence that systematically sensitises the joints and opens the whole body. The third course presents a progressively more challenging sequence that safely integrates the joints and strengthens the whole body. All courses include teaching praxis based on the art of vinayaskrama. For dates and locations.