The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is a systematic and powerful methodology of somatic self enquiry inviting deep intimacy, acceptance, trust and delight by way of the intelligence of your own body. It is suitable for everyone, no matter your experience, age, strength or flexibility.

The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is a unique approach to Yoga Posture Praxis, presented with a deep grounding in the Yogasutras of Patanjali and focusses on the awakening of intelligence, rather than the development of skill or power. Rather than emphasising what you can do (in terms of flexibility, alignment, strength or concentration) it emphasises what you can feel. At the same time rather than being based on tradition it is based on the nature, needs, capabilities and intelligence of the body. This makes sensitivity to sensation the compass upon which it uncompromisingly depends. Sensitivity to the sensations being generated by the intelligence of your body, moment, by moment, breath by breath, action by action will allow you to cultivate deep, lucid intimacy with the intelligence of body, mind and consciousness.

We use movement as the most reliable way to cultivate the neuromuscular pathways of integrity upon which safe and effective praxis depends. This begins as a systematic sensitisation of all the motor joints, which simultaneously recalibrates all the motor muscles, within the dynamic context of xandranamaskar fertilised by repeated, rhythmical movements. This provides the biomechanical basis upon which the core, structural muscles are developed and integrated, breathing is released from habit anxiety and intention, while mind is deeply internalised.

The vinyasakrama of Dynamic Yoga (the training method) is unique for each individual. Once structural integrity has beeen established there is no predictable end to the possibilities for any individual practitioner, there being thousands of classical yoga postures and modifications that can be used to explore and express the capabilities and nature of the body. Based on what you can feel, rather than what you can do, the Dynamic Yoga Training Method is an irresistible invitation to the total trust that deep and rewarding intimacy with the depths and subtleties of the bodimind provides.