The 19 day, 140 hour Depth Intensive will take you deep into the intelligence of body, mind and consciousness in a gradual, progressive process of deep internalisation and integration.

Our Depth Intensive is a rare and potent opportunity to integrate mind, body and spirit. It will provide you with the practical keys to somatic spirituality that allow you to access your spirtual nature directly through your body. These keys are the practices of Dynamic Yoga and Somatic Meditation which will be practiced, presented and explored so that you gain an intimate and practical understanding of body, mind and spirit that allows you to let go of the endless quest for more information, knowledge and experience.

This exploration will be in three parts. Each morning there will be a Dynamic Yoga class which will provide a gradual, progressive neuromuscular recalibration for the whole body. This will be based on the variable foundation of Xandranamaskar progressing into variations of Suryanamaskar. It will include a wide, balanced range of dynamic (ullola) and static (asana) postural practices. The class will be preceded by guided pranayama practice, and followed by guided Somatic Meditation. This will be followed by a talk designed to support you in your practice and contextualise it in the deeper, spiritual and social dynamics of being human.

The second part of the exploration will be a detailed presentation of the postural and meditation techniques practiced in the mornings. This will include demonstration and explanation of ullola and asana, explanation of meditative lenses and vocabulary, and clarification of their underlying principles. These inlcude the Dynamic Of Integrity, the Spiral Dynamic of the Bandhas, the Mind/Body Nonduality, and the Intgerated Dynamics of Human Intelligence (the relationship between awareness, perception, cognition, volition and experience).

The third part of the exploration will be practice based on the previous persentation/explanations. This will include practicing individual and grouped techniques, and short classes of postures, pranayama and or meditaion.

This course is open to anyone ready to deeply explore the intelligence that you are. Time will be taken, in both morning and afternoon sessions, to contextualise your inner explorations within the dynamics of human relationship. No prior experience is required. The Depth Intensive also serves as the residential foundation for the Windfire Yoga Teacher Training, as well as providing a profound and potentially liberating intimacy with body, mind and spirit, obvious and subtle.

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