Established in 1996 Windfire Yoga Teacher Training is one of the most respected Yoga Teacher Trainings available anywhere in the world, with hundreds of graduates worldwide. See our Teacher Training calendar for course dates and locations.

Developed over more than 20 years of interaction with dedicated students by Master Teacher Godfri Dev, Windfire Yoga Teacher Training offers a revolutionary, comprehensive mind body spirit training based on direct experience and immediate action, rather than information, ideology, dogma or tradition.

Nevertheless it represents a clear and powerful renaissance of the Yoga Tradition as somatic self enquiry, where the body is used to ground mind in the intelligence of consciousness. By basing the method on the intelligence of the body, yoga posture praxis can be taught with confidence, clarity, precision and effectiveness without rumour, hearsay or wishful thinking.

No matter what style of training or practice you enjoy, our training will provide you with invaluable tools to fertilise your experience and deepen your understanding both of how to practice and what to teach.

The Windfire Yoga 500 hour Training is in four parts:
1. EMBODIMENT takes place in the residential Depth Intensive (140 contact hours) and/or the first five of our non-residential Immersion modules (140 contact hours)

2. APPLICATION takes place in the residential Teaching Skills Intensive (170 contact hours).

3. A further 100 hours training with Godfrey, Olivia or Joseluis.

4. Written paper.

Those who already have any 200 hour Yoga Teaching Certification may be entitled to a Windfire Yoga 500 hour Intermediate certificate upon completion of the Depth Intensive or Immersion Modules, the Teaching Skills Intensive and the written paper.

The Windfire Yoga 750 hour Training requires the satisfactory completion of a further minimum of 200 hours dedicated training with Godfrey, Olivia or Joseluis and a further written paper.

The Dynamic Yoga 1000 hour Training is also available for those ready to commit themselves to teaching the Dynamic Yoga Training Method.

To find out about our Training Requirements please contact us below