Learn to teach people how to access the peace, love and happiness they naturaly are directly through the body.

Our next training for teachers will take place in Wales in January 2023. It will be a 'refresher' course for any trained teacher of yoga, or any other somatic methodology.

This intensive retreat will give you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the experience, principles and sharing of genuine Somatic Methodologies. As fruitful for your own personal journey as it is for your Professional offerings, this retreat will be an experiential immersion in the Intelligence of your body, and its interconnectedness to mind and Consciousness. It will clarify and apply the simple principles of practice and sharing that can make somatic modalities genuine and powerful.

Each morning will begin with a class of Dynamic Yoga & Somatic Meditation led by Godfrey. This will be followed by exploration of the underlying principles of Somatic Education and their application to different methodologies. There will then be a session of Somatic Healing, Massage or Communication before a Vegan Brunch. Afternoons will begin with Somatic Attunement, both passive and dynamic, in Nature. This will be followed by a session of Somatic Retuning & Intuning led by Olivia, and a second session of Somatic Healing, Massage or Communication, followed by Vegan Dinner. Each evening there will be a Somatic Celebration in which we will enjoy together the many ways to share joy and camaraderie sensitively through the body.