All our specilaised Courses are based on accessing and integrating natural intelligence as the foundation for a satisfying, meaningful life.

SOMATIC IMMERSION COURSE The Windfire Somatic Immersion Course presents a somatic approach to spirituality fully contextualised in the practical realities of everyday life. Dynamic Yoga, Pranayama and Somatic Meditation each morning provide the basis of deep, internal integration of body, mind and spirit. Afternoon sessions will provide you with the keys to extend that integration into the activities and relationships of your everyday life. .

DEPTH INTENSIVE The Windfire Yoga Depth Intensive provides a deep, powerful exploration of yoga posture praxis, pranayama and meditation, and the support that they can give to everyday life. You will be presented with the core practices of Dynamic Yoga and Somatic Meditation. These will not only recalibrate body, mind and their relationship, but also open you more fully to the intelligent presence of consciousness. This will provide you with potent resources to refine and harmonise your daily life.

BEING LOVE WHOLENESS CELEBRATION This unique celebration will invite you deep into the Love and Wholeness that you are. It will include tantra yoga, tantric meditation, shaktibeats (dance), music, poetry, games and other forms of shared acknowledgement, healing and celebration.