while sex may be love looking for itself, intimacy is love finding itself

Sexuality is at the core of human nature. As a biological being it is at the heart of your vulnerability. As long as it remains masked and repressed you remain physically, psychologically and emotionally vulnerable.

Pleasure is the natural expression of conscious awareness, and the subtle heart of the human body. To become free from the destructive pursuit of external and intense pleasures and the dependencies they generate, we need some alternative. Our approach to human sexuality is to develop a deep sexual resilience by way of the pleasure nature of the body. This resilience is based on fully accessing and integrating your sexuality into your psychological and social persona. The core of this integration is a willingness to feel as deeply and passively as possible.

This generates a potent intimacy within which intense sensations, energies and feelings are absorbed into the intelligent presence of awareness. This means that rather than having to be acted out or repressed strong feelings of desire, excitement, longing, apprehension stabilise and solidify awareness. You will learn techniques and games that will allow you to release, circulate and assimilate sexual energy, with a partner or alone. These techniques are easily applicable to any intense internal energies, and can become the foundation of a deep emotional and behavioural resilience. This resilience allows you to live and love with authenticity, empathy, compassion and generosity.


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