sexual energy is the most direct and potent biological expression of the intelligence of consciousness: ignore or repress it at your peril

Our approach to Tantra mirrors and is an extension of our approach to Yoga Posture Praxis, being based directly on the intelligence of the body. We use movement, stillness, breathing, gazing and contact to awaken, circulate and assimilate sexual energy into the whole body. At its heart is the cultivation of a willingness to feel as the means to a deep intimacy with self and other.

While the heart of tantra is, of course, meditation, its portal is sexual energy. By accessing and enjoying sexual energy in a safe, non-erotic context it becomes possible to integrate sexual energy, desire and activity into a conscious, satisfying way of life, with no need for frustration, repression nor indulgence. Releasing our sexual energy requires first a total recalibration of our relationship to our own body before we can enjoy free, full and nourishing sexual experiences with others.

Our approach, Madhyamika Tantra, is a methodology of self enquiry based on the sensations, obvious and subtle that reveal your own presence. It is a specific, step by step journey that allows you to find and enjoy the 'middle way' between indulgence and repression upon which genuine freedom depends. This journey is one of a deepening intimacy with the natural currents and tides of sexual energy so that they can be consciously met and integrated. Its purpose is to create the possibility of deriving deep and ongoing sexual satisfaction without the need for overt erotic activity.


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