To see clearly, you need only look deeply. Looking not for anything in particular, but at whatever actually is.

According to Patanjali, Yoga is not a methodology. It is self enquiry. Self enquiry is journey of intimacy with and through personal experience and conditioning. A journey that takes you into the subtle heart of your nature. There to find all you had been most deeply looking, and most frustratingly, struggling for. Imperturbable peace without a cause. Unconditional Love without an object. Inexhaustible joy without a reason.

According to Patanjali, self enquiry begins within the diamond lens of "Yama". Patanjlai is not so narrow, nor naive as a moral philosopher. He is that rare phenomenon: a spiritual genius. Where spiritual refers to the subtle, elusive element of human nature: consciousness. Not the scientist or philosophers consciousness of the conscious mind, or even conscious awareness. Consciousness as their source, sustenance and significance. Not citta, but its impersonal, nonocal source: CIT.

Consciousness expresse itself into human experience through five clear qualities: sensitivity, honesty, openness, intimacy and generosity. These are the five qualities of Yama, which Patanjali proposes as the foundation of yoga, or self enquiry. They are the five lenses through which intelligence must be focussed if it is to become able to turn fully upon itself; as it will, if they are.