inviting you deep into the wisdom of your body


Somatic Awareness Training is the experiential basis and source of a Radical Ecology .

It is a natural evolution from the Dynamic Yoga Training Method and Somatic Meditation, within which sensitivity to sensation is used to cultivate a genuine intimacy with the body and its nature. It is completely free from any external goal or internal target and so sidesteps the passive agression that secretly accompanies all attempts to improve the body in any way. Instead it uses soft, rhythmic movement to generate Pathways of Love (Somatic Retuning).

These Pathways are generated simply by love in the form of responsive sensitivity to sensations being generated by movement and action. The movements being made, and the refining actions that fertilise them, are made only to express love. These Pathways are deepened in stillness, both seated and lying (Somatic Intuning). They are then stabilised in the sharing of passive relationship (Somatic Attunement).

Somatic Retuning involves very simple, safe accessible movements synchronised with the nature flow of the breath. These movements allow mind to become deeply intimate with and responsive to the needs and capabilities of the body. While they have no external purpose or target they naturally sensitise, mobilise and vitalise the whole body with neither struggle nor strain.

Somatic Intuning is practiced either seated or lying down and invites the intelligence of mind to let go through the intelligence of the body into the generous luminosity of consciousness. This allows the Love that you most deeply are to flow into the Pathways of love generated in Somatic Retuning.

Somatic Attunement is practiced with other human beings or in realtionship to the natural world, in part or as a whole. It invites you to become clearly aware of the reciprocal generosity of your relationship with others and nature in a concrete, experiential way. This invites the Love that you most deeply are to express itself more freely into your relationships with others and the world.


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