is a rare and rich opportunity to immerse yourself in a wide range of Somatic Awareness Trainings

The spiritual dimension of human nature is not beyond the body. Quite the reverse, its most concrete and accessible expression is the physical body and its somatic intelligence. Immersion in somatic intelligence is the most direct, concrete and stable way to engage with the spiritual intelligence of consciousness.

This course offers a full spectrum of Somatic Awareness Training. It begins each day with morning sessions of Pranayama, Dynamic Yoga and Somatic Meditation. Afternoon sessions will include Tantra Yoga, Tantric Meditation, specialised Somatic Awareness Trainings and somatic celebrations. It is in two parts of seven days each, which are best attended consecutively. The first week focusses more on internal embodiment. The second week focusses more on external expression.

Somatic Awareness Training involves practices that invite mind to become intimate with the intelligence of the body and of consciousness. This intimacy becomes the foundation for deeper self awareness, and increased empathy towards others. At the same time it allows mind to let go of its exhausting need to know and control as much as possible. This then allows the deep wisdom of spiritual intelligence to more freely and fully express itself, especially as the sensitivity and generosity that expresse the love that you most deeply are.

Somatic Embodiment Training invites mind to recognise, acknowledge and honour the deeper truths of the body and consciousness. This includes its real needs, desires, habits, boundaries and limitations. Somatic Communication Training invites you to learn to speak and act with others as authentically as possible. This authenticity is grounded in the integration of cognitive, somatic and spiritual intelligence.

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