Olivia's honesty, courage and empathy make her the perfect hostess for a group celebration of femininity.

Olivia's woman's workshopa and retreats, usually open only to women, provide you with a rare opportunity to explore, express and integrate the dynamics of your unique expression of femininity. You will be invited to feel, recognise, experience and accept as much of the fullness of who and what you are as a woman, whatever that may be. Completely free from dogma and assumption these weekend and week long retreats will surely nourish, release and delight you, while simultaneously providing you with a deep taste of feminine solidarity.

The basis of these workshops and retreats is yoga posture praxis oriented towards accessing and supporting your feminine qualities: sensitivity, empathy, intuition etc. Whatever you do will be voluntary, and completely free from any pressure to conform to any preconceived norms. Nevertheless you will be continually invited to enquire into the possibility of becoming more intimate with the depths and subtleties of your being, and to recognise and feel your natural perfection just as you are.