the presence of the body, obvious and subtle is the most intimate expression of consciousness

Rather than struggling with the restlesness of mind, somatic meditation focusses on the sensations generated by the body. In allowing the body to determine the focus of attention mind can let go of its ability to decide into its more fundamental ability to recognise. Mind then becomes more intimate with what is actually happening, and begins to feel safe enough to let go of its ability to recognise into its deeper ability to enjoy. Then the subtle but powerful presence of consciousness makes itself felt through the ability to feel. In this way, through the sensations being generated by the body, the intelligence of mind becomes grounded in the intelligence of consciousness.

Somatic meditation is the natural extension and expression of yoga posture practice, when based on the natural intelligence of the body, rather than the anxieties and ambitions of mind. It invites a deep intimacy with the presence and nature of physical sensations, obvious and subtle. This allows the intelligence of mind to let go through the intelligence of the body into the intelligence of consciousness. In doing so mind becomes both quiet and clear, and the intelligence of consciousness becomes able to express its wisdom, compassion and joy more easily.

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