Karma Yoga is traditionally regarded as the fast track to freedom, despite the derogatory status work is so often given in contemporary society.

There is no escape from life and action. Karmyoga is an ongoing practice of self enquiry taking place in the routines and minutae of daily life, and a potent exercise in living by and for giving. Those who are able to do so will find that there is no more rewarding possibility than to give your time and energy to the welfare of others.

This will be the fulcrum of your apprenticeship, allowing you to learn to be active in the present moment, without being motivated by the need for personal gain or recognition. This can then become the foundation of a momentum to look and live beyond the passing triviality of your personal agendas and intentions so that you can see and live more deeply within the infinite whole of which you are but a momentary expression. Karmayoga varies and can include such things as housekeeping, domekeeping, food prep, cooking, clearing and sorting wood, landscape gardening and maintenance, oiling wood, painting walls, polishing floors, childcare: anything that allows you to contribute to the wellbeing of your companions.

Please think carefully before commiting yourself to such a process. Amongst other things this means a willingness to commit to activity rather than rest, work rather than leisure, giving rather than taking or receiving. You will surely be called upon, over and again, to test and challenge the roots of your selfindulgence, and the limitations of your assumptions.