Windfire Retreats have been providing life changing and liberating experiences for thousands of people since 1988.

Windfire Retreats have been running annualy since 1988. They have provided many thousands of people with the simple keys to somatic spirituality (Dynamic Yoga and Somatic Meditation).

More recently the emphasis and contextualisation of our courses has changed. No longer focussing exculsively on the internal journey they have become varied invitations to embodied integration within the world at large.

While all our courses are fully based on the practices of Dynamic Yoga and Somatic Meditation these are complemented by more relational somatic trainings. This includes Somatic Awareness Training, Somatic Sensibility Training, Somatic Embodiment Training, Somatic Attunement Training, Somatic Communication Training, Somatic Relationship Training and Somatic Celebration. Each of these practical, experiential training modules provide you with the keys to establish more fulfilling relationships with others, society, nature and the world.

We are not a hotel, holiday camp, nor ashram, but a residential training facility. We are dedicated to accessing authenticity, integrity and wholeness within a community setting. You will be ecouraged and supported as much in opening to others as in opening into your self. We will do so without imposing on you any beliefs nor rituals. Instead we offer you the healing matrix of self awareness and nature wherein you can enjoy sane company, fresh air, wildlife, solitude and quiet.

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