Windfire Yoga Retreats have been providing life changing and liberating experiences for thousands of people since 1988.

Our yoga retreats are unique in integrating yoga practice into daily life as its unshakeable foundation by clarifying the true nature of sensation and action. We are not a hotel, holiday camp, nor ashram, but a residential yoga training centre dedicated to the authentic transmission of yoga posture praxis based directly on the intelligence of body, mind and spirit.

We do not entertain you nor impose on you any beliefs or rituals. Instead we offer you the healing matrix of yoga and nature wherein you can enjoy sane company, fresh air, wildlife, solitude and quiet.

Our comprehenisve and progressive yoga training programme, grounded in the Yogasutras of Patanjali , and including asana, pranayama and meditation instruction, is totally free from speculative dogma and unverifiable ideology. It has been developed by Yoga Adept Godfridev to provide a comprehensive and complete yoga training that provides a step by step integration of body, mind and spirit. Each of our specialist courses is complete in itself, while contributing to our overall programme.

Course dates and prices