Learn to teach people how to access the peace, love and happiness they naturaly are directly through the body.

Our Teacher Trainings will be taking place in Tuscany or Online in 2021.

We are offering three different trainings, all based on the Dynamic Yoga Training Method. Two offer Training in the teaching of postures, breathing and meditation. You will be taught how to help people engage with their nature as deeply as possible. This will take place through a process of deepening intimacy , which will become the source of a stable and compassionate generosity that provides an authentic foundation for being human.

Tantrayoga Teacher Training, focusses on generating pathways of pleasure in body and mind. These pathways create embodied access to the pleasure nature of consciousness by way of the pleasure nature of the body.

Resilience Presenter Trainings, focusses on generating pathways of love, fearlessness and trust. These pathways create embodied access to the invulnerable nature of consciousness by way of the inherent intelligence of the body.

Both courses are open to trained yoga, tantra or meditation teacher. They are also available to those without teaching experience who can demonstrate a deep commitment to self enquiry, and a desire to externalise its fruitfulness into relationship.

The third course is supplementary to the first two and focusses on the art of talking people deeply into silence. Our Somatic Meditation & Yoganidra Teacher Training is for any trained Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Relaxation, Life Skills or Stress Management teacher or Coach.